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Upcoming Concerts and Workshops

June 7-11 Harmonica Masters Workshops Joe and Eric will be teaching harmonica and guitar courses as well as performing MORE INFO

July 23-29 Augusta Heritage Center Blues Week Joe and Eric will be teaching a duo class as well as separate harmonica and guitar classes LEARN MORE

August 15-20 60th annual SPAH harmonica convention Sheraton Westport Chalet, St Louis Missouri. Don’t miss this incredible event featuring harmonica players, manufactures and teachers in a variety of styles. Joe and Eric will be featured on a main stage concert to celebrate 20 years as a duo MORE INFO

September 3-4 Fox Valley Folk Festival Island Park Geneva, Illinois

October 26-28 Harmonica NorthWest Corbett, Oregon. We did this event last year and it was amazing. The location is stunning and the harmonica instruction was powerful. We will be teaching along with Kim Field, Andrew Alli and Ross Garren MORE INFO

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